Restitution in Criminal Cases

If you suffered financial loss as the victim of a crime, the prosecutor may be able to recover some of your losses in the criminal case. A criminal court can order a convicted person to pay restitution, but only for certain expenses. As the Court of Appeals emphasized in its […]

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Mortgage Foreclosures In Indiana

Indiana’s legislature has enacted various laws applicable to mortgage foreclosures in Indiana, including laws governing mortgage foreclosure actions and laws aimed at preventing residential mortgage foreclosures, which have been deemed a serious threat to Indiana’s economy. Under Indiana law, if a mortgagor (i.e., borrower) defaults in the performance of any […]

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IRS Identity Theft

Recently many individuals have used other people’s social security numbers to file tax returns, claiming refunds are owed. Typically our clients discovers this when they go to file a tax return and learn that a tax return has already been filed under their social security number. Additionally, some clients learn […]

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